Thursday, August 13, 2009

Westerns...All'Italiana! issue #1 now available

The very first issue of Westerns…All’Italiana! has been loaded at “The Spaghetti Western Database”. This first issue was published by my good friend Editor and Founder Tim Ferrante back in 1983 and only 50 issues were made. Don’t laugh too much at some of the errors, such as crediting Gunther Stoll as ‘Black Man’ in the “Beyond the Law” review. Bob Hiott had no idea who Al Hoosman was and most credits we could get our hands on in those days were in Italian and no one knew how to translate the words into English unless you had a relative who spoke the language. What was important was getting the information recorded and in print so that fans of the films could have something to read about these films here in the U.S.A. Who knew that 25 years later people would still be interested in these films and that the entire genre would become a cult classic and influence many of today’s directors and change the face of movie making for decades afterwards. Here’s the link to the database section and you can read or download a copy for free.

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