Saturday, August 22, 2009

RIP Semyon Farada

Popular Russian Actor Farada Dies In Moscow

Russian born actor Semyon Farada, who appeared in some 70 films and rose to fame during the Soviet era died in Moscow on August 20th, he was 76. He had been in ill health since suffering a stroke in 2000. Born Semyon L’vovich Ferdman on December 31, 1933 in Moscow he worked in Moscow's Taganka Theater for some 30 years. He acted in such popular plays as "Hamlet" and "Master and Margarita," based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. His roles in "Magicians," "To Kill the Dragon," "The Formula of Love," "Garage," and other films made him a celebrity during the 1970s and 1980s.

Farada worked as a mechanical engineer until his early 30s, appearing only in amateur theater. He made his film debut in 1967, when he was 34, and went on to appear in some 70 films during his career.
He was married to actress Maria Politseimako. Their son, Mikhail Politseimako, is also an actor.

Farada appeared in one European western "The Man from Boulevard Des Capucines" (1987)as Pan Thompson.

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