Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remembering Sergio Bergonzelli

Sergio Giovanni Romolo Bergonzelli was born on August 25, 1924, in Alba, Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy. He acted under the name Carme Siro in some Italian productions in the early 1950s. He then became interested in direction and became an assistant director. He used the aliases Serge Bergon, Serge Bourgon and Peter Hudson. Known mainly for his later sleaze productions he was involved in half a dozen or so Spaghetti Westerns which he directed and wrote, such as “The Last Gun” (1964) with Cameron Mitchell, “A Stranger in Sacramento” (1965) with Mickey Hargitay, “El Cisco” (1966) with William Berger who he often worked with, the rare “A Colt in the Hand of the Devil” (1967) with unknown Bill Henry and “Raise Your Hands, Dead Man… Your Under Arrest” (1971) which is often credited to Leon Klimovsky but actually directed by Bergonzelli. Sergio Bergonzelli died on September 24, 2002 in Rome. We remember him today on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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