Saturday, August 29, 2009

New European Western

Alien Western - Canada
High Plains Invaders – U.S.A.

A 2008 Canadian, Romanian co-production [Muse Entertainment Enterprises (Toronto)]
Producer: Ric Nish
Director: K.T. Donaldson (Kristoffer Tabori)
Story: Richard Beattie
Teleplay: Richard Beattie
Photography: Pierre Jodoin
Music: James Gelfand
Running time:

Sam Danville - James Marsters
Rose Hilridge - Sanny Van Heteren
Sorina - Adriana Butoi
Gus MacGreevey - Antony Byrne
Jules Arning - Sebastian Knapp
Abigail Pixley - Cindy Sampson

In the small town of Amaranth, honorable fighter Sam (James Marsters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is being readied to be hanged. Yet the folks of Amaranth aren't prepared for what's about to stop it – the out-of-the-blue attack of a giant insect-like creatures with blades for legs, a uranium-spiked tail, and a will to destroy. Fleeing from the gallows, Sam retrieves a load of dynamite and blows the creature to hell. But the invasion is just beginning, as eccentric scientist and inventor Jules (Sebastian Knapp, 28 Days Later) tears into Amaranth in a blind panic. A wild bunch of the hungry creatures are in his shadow, nipping at his buggy, and laying waste to the town.Taking refuge in the church are small band of survivors, including Sam, Jules, Sam's ex-girlfriend, Abigail (Cindy Sampson, The Factory), and bounty hunter Rose (Sanny Van Heteren, The Last Word). Then comes the rumble of hovering craft, countless clusters of breeding pods fall from the sky, and a mass hatching covers the dusty landscape with feeding, yelping creatures. With only a few sticks of dynamite and six guns to defend themselves in quick-draw showdowns, Sam and Jules discover that their only hope for survival lies within the mysteries of uranium. But to see their plan work, they must first escape the church and navigate a living, breathing alien minefield.

[This film will be shown on the SyFy Netowrk Sunday August 30th]

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  1. I watched this last night and it was about what I expected. Town-bound with a nice looking set but too much dialogue and little action. The robot-bugs looked like something out of a futuristic Tremors screenplay. Little to no music and none of the characters were very interesting. It wasn't as good as last years "Copperhead" that's for sure.