Friday, August 14, 2009

RIP John Bentley

The British stage actor John Bentley died at his home in Petworth, Sussex, England on August 13th. He was 93. John Bentley was born in Birmingham, England on December 2, 1916 and entered London's film industry in 1946, where he was immediately put to work grinding out inexpensive detective melodramas. He was seen as radio hero Paul Temple in an entertaining Boy's-Own-Adventure film series, then starred as John Creasey's gentleman sleuth "The Toff" in a brace of second features. Occasionally, Bentley ventured into "A"-picture territory, notably the 1956 Errol Flynn vehicle “Istanbul” (1956). In 1957, John Bentley starred as Inspector John Derek in the Kenya-filmed TV detective series “African Patrol”. Bentley made one Euro-western 1961's "The Singer Not the Song" as the chief of police.

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