Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spaghetti Western Locations

A Pistol for Ringo Windmill

Looking west from Hotel Cortijo el Sotillo in San Jose, Spain you can see a low set of hills. If you follow the road you will come to a pass and the paved road turns to dirt. On the left, just through the pass is an old windmill. This is the windmill seen in “A Pistol for Ringo”. To the right and a quarter mile further west you can see the villa used as the home of Major Clyde and his daughter Ruby.


  1. And before San José, you have "El pozo de los frailes" town, and his typical noria:

  2. Excellent photo Muten. "El pozo de los frailes" is also the site of the church where Angel Face is playing hopscotch with the children.