Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Giulio Questi

Giulio Questi is an Italian director, screenwriter and occasional actor who is best known for the Spaghetti Western "Django, Kill". Questi began his career writing short stories and then branched off into film doing documentaries. His film debut as a director occurred in 1961 when he directed one part of a three part film “Le italiane e l’amore” In 1967 he directed his first and only Spaghetti Western “Se sei vivo spara” (Django Kill). This film was filled with extremely violent scenes and an unconventional story. In 1968 he continued his violent and unconventional filming with “La morte ha fatto l’uovo” (Death Laid an Egg). Questi says these were a reflection on the violence and carnage he witnessed during the Italian Resistance during World War II. After 1972 Questi retired from feature film making and turned his attention to television and short films. Today we celebrate his 85th birthday.

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