Monday, March 30, 2009

New Spaghetti Western DVD


Released March 17, 2009

For the first time available on DVD in the U.S.A

A Long Ride From Hell theatrical version in its original aspect ratio: Region 1, 1:85. English language, 92 minutes

Extras include an interview with Mimmo Palmero aka Dick Palmer, and at home with Steve Reeves.

LONG RIDE FROM HELL (1968) – Director: Camillo Bazzoni, Story: “Judas Gun” by Gordon D. Shireffs, Screenplay: Roberto Natale, Steve Reeves, Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor], Music: Carlo Savina, Cast: Steve Reeves, Dick Palmer (Mimmo Palmara), Wayde Preston, Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida), Silvana Venturelli.

This is Steve Reeves only Spaghetti Western and it’s better than average for the genre. Made in 1968 under the Italian title “Vivo per la tua morte” and based on the novel the “Judas Gun” by Gordon D. Shireffs, it tells the story of a man and his brother who are falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit. After his brother’s death in the harsh confines of Yuma Prison, Reeves escapes to wreak vengeance on the man he holds responsible. Steve was a natural westerner being born in Montana. He was still in great shape at 42 and appears shirtless several times to show off his Herculean physique. Steve co-wrote the screenplay and calls in several experts (Enzo Barboni on camera and Carlo Savina scoring) to help make the film a classic little gem of the genre. Filmed in Spain it gives the feeling of the Southwest as depicted in the story. Wayde Preston is outstanding as the main villain and a good supporting cast also helps. Too bad Steve didn’t make more westerns as he sure knew how to get the job done.

Wild East has done another remarkable job of releasing a good western in a great presentation. The extras have become a real bonus for Ally and Eric as the interview with Dick Palmer (Mimmo Palmara) is right up there with the ones done with Ken Wood and Edd Byrnes. Thanks gentlemen another job well done.

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  1. This is, indeed, an excellent release! Every Spaghetti Western fan should have this one, in my opinion. If not for the better than good movie--then certainly for the outstanding interview with "Dick Palmer"! Man Alive, what a fabulous extra!!

    One funny thing I noticed about the movie itself...
    Whatever company was responsible for the dubbing just wasn't very familiar with the Arizona territory!
    The filmmakers themselves were obviously knowledgable about the area...they used real place names like Naco, Dragoon (and Dragoon Pass), and of course Yuma.
    But, in the dubbing they mispronounce Dragoon as "Dragon" and Naco (which should rhyme with Taco) as Nay-ko!
    Even the signs in the film are correct..showing Dragoon Pass spelled correctly, but the characters say "Dragon" instead!

    Apart from that small quibble, I found the film to be pretty darn good! It has both Rosalba Neri and Silvana Bacci in, for me, it is an instant classic! ha ha!

    GREAT presentation from our fine friends at Wild East! Like I said..EVERY Spaghetti Western fan should have this DVD in their collection. And I mean RIGHT NOW!!

    Viva Wild East!!