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Al este del Oeste – Spanish title

A 1983 Spanish production [Ízaro Films (Madrid)]
Producers: José María Reyzabal, Salvador Ginés
Director: Mariano Ozores, Jr.
Story: Mariano Ozores, Jr.
Screenplay: Mariano Ozores, Jr.
Cinematography: Domingo Solano [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Segura Garcia (Gregorio Garcia Segura)
Song: “Al este del Oeste” sung by Fernando Esteso
Running time: 90 minutes

Blackandecker - Juanito Navarro
Bill Golden Pistol - Fernando Esteso
Medicine Man - Antonio Ozores (Antonio Puchol)
Bad Milk - José Manuel Martin (Jose Perez)
Chapulin - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Ambillet)
Alcalde - Conrado San Martin (Conrado Prieto)
Margaret Rose - Adriana Vega
Stella - África Pratt
Mr. First - Luis Barbero (Luis Barboo)
barber - Francisco Camoiras
Martha - Pilar Bardem (Pilar Muñoz)
Tumbas - Victor Israel (Victor Vilanova)
Sheriff Cobarde - Emilio Fornet
with: Tito Garcia, Adrián Ortega, Maite Sancho (Maite Pardo)

A well made comedy western about the inhabitants of La Paz, a small town located “Al este del Oeste” (East of the West), near the Mexican border. The townspeople are being intimidated by two gangs of outlaws who are terrorizing their town and the neighboring countryside. The town fathers hire a gunman, Bill Golden Pistol, to protect them and hopefully to eradicate the outlaw gangs. When two strangers arrive in town there is some confusion as to who is the real Bill Golden Pistol. You can guess what happens as the towns mistakes the wrong man for the famous gunman, but all things turn out for the best in the end. Several familiar faces show up from the Golden Days of the Spaghetti Western.

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  1. I didn't think much of this film. It has nice shooting locations and some funny scenes but the sexist humour didn't work for me. Fernando Sancho's role is small and he has very little to do, which is disappointing since this was his last western. Blackandecker and his Indian tribe were the best part - reminded me of Manitou's Shoe.