Thursday, March 19, 2009

RIP Laurence Payne

Actor Laurence Payne, who won fame on television as the 1920s detective Sexton Blake, has died at the age of 89. Payne died February 23rd in England.

Sexton Blake, made by ITV, ran from 1967-1971 and was one of the most popular children's serials of its day. It also featured actors Roger Foss and Ernest Clark.

Payne had a distinguished stage career before working in television and in the 1940s was a leading player with the Old Vic Theatre. He also starred at Stratford-upon-Avon and appeared as Romeo in Peter Brook's 1947 production. He played the title role in Hamlet at the Embassy Theatre in London. Payne was born in London on June 5, 1919 and was married to actresses Sheila Burrell and Pamela Alan.

Other TV credits included Z Cars, Tales of the Unexpected and he also starred in three Doctor Who serials: The Gunfighters, The Leisure Hive and The Two Doctors.

Laurence Payne appeared as Pedro in "The Singer Not the Song" (1961) and as Johnny Ringo on the TV series "Doctor Who" The Gunfighters episode (1966).


  1. I'll always think of Payne fondly for his role in THE TROLLENBERG TERROR, U.S. title: THE CRAWLING EYE. Which is easily my favorite Forrest Tucker movie - just before BARQUERO.

  2. Biltmore -Also Natascha Redgrave who died yesterday had a spaghetti connection. Her step-father of sorts was Franco Nero. She appeared in Enzo Castellari's High Crime as a child.

  3. THE CRAWLING EYE was a favorite of mine as a teenager.

    Tony Richardson, Natasha's father, directed NED KELLY and her aunt Lynn Redgrave was in DON'T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK with her step-father Franco Nero.