Sunday, March 1, 2009

New DVD Releases

Koch Media will release two new Spaghetti Western DVDS on March 27, 2009.
#13 ‘Ringo kommt zuruck’ (The Return of Ringo), #14 ‘Silbersattel’ (Silver Saddle) and and a re-release of #15 ‘Lauf um dein Leben’ (Run Man Run). The first two films star Spaghetti Western legend Giuliana Gemma with ‘Ringo’ directed by Duccio Tessari and ‘Silver Saddle’ by Lucio Fulci, while the third stars Tomas Milian and is directed by Sergio Sollima. All are 2.35:1 aspect ratio and in PAL. The Gemma films have German, Italian and English audio while the Milian film has only German and Italian audio.

All three can be pre-ordered from


  1. Yessir! I am truly looking forward to this edition of THE RETURN OF RINGO!! I hear it is going to be the best version that has ever been released on any video format.
    I finally got something worked out with my bank so that I can use my debit card to order Koch Media discs from! So, I have already placed a pre-order for the RINGO film there. I am not much of a fan of SILVER SADDLE (the kid in it gets on my nerves); but, I am sure I will eventually get a copy of this release.
    However, RUN MAN RUN is one of my least favorite of the "bigger" Spaghettis. I already have two versions of it (the Blue Underground disc and the Koch Media version from the Sollima Box Set)---and that is good enough for me.

  2. ..and all with liner notes by "El Lupo", as usually.

  3. Return of Ringo and Silver Saddle probably won't have English subtitles since they have English dubs? I would have preferred Silver Saddle in Italian + subs because of the kid's annoying voice. Still, I'm eager to give the film a second chance once it's released. Navajo Joe has already been scheduled for late June, with sound sync problem of R1 release fixed.

  4. Just ordered their Halleluja box, as I'd hate for it to go OOP like the Sollima one (which I have) before I bought it. There's quite a few Koch discs out now and I'm starting to back track and snap up the ones I missed.