Saturday, March 21, 2009


Almeria – International title

A 2003 Spanish Television production [Jaleo Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Antonio Lob, Natalia de Ancos, Avaro Alonso
Director: Antonio Lobo, Paco R. Banos
Teleplay: Alberto Llamas
Photography: Jordi Abusada [color]
Music: Josema Garcia Pelayo
Running time:

Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci, Damiano Damiani, Tonino Valerii

A multi-episode television documentary on the Spaghetti westerns filmed in Almeria, Spain featuring actors and other participants of the genre.


  1. Hello, from the land of the Spaghetti westerns!! I think that documentary could be in fact several. I remember one of them, the name is "Por un puñado de sueños" (For a fistfull of dreams) and it was produced by Canal Sur Televisión. It has a lot of interviews of many film directors. But could be other one... I'm not sure.

    Regaards from Almería

  2. Gracias. I'm aware of "Por un puñado de sueños" (For a Fistful of Dreams) and have it listed as a separate entry. Interesting that they may have combined several of their documentaries under this series. This will take more investigation.


    The trailer and informations on the documentary.

  4. Thank you Justine. I've made the additions and corrections.