Monday, March 23, 2009


La sfida dei MacKenna – Italian title
Un dollaro e una tomba – Italian title
Le defi des MacKenna – French title
Un dólar y una tumba – Spanish title
Vendetta al’Ouest – Spanish title
Ein Dollar ein grab und zwei Ave Maria – German title
Mannen utan förflutet – Swedish title
A Dollar and a Grave – English title
Challenge of the MacKennas – English title
Challenge of McKenna – English title
Badlands Drifter – USA title
Amen – USA title

A 1969 Italian, Spanish co-production [Filmar Compagnia Cinematografica (Rome), Atlántida Film (Madrid)]
Producer: José Frade
Director: León Klimovsky
Story: Antonio Viader
Screenplay: Antonio Viader, Edoardo Mulargia, Pedro Gil Paradela, León Klimovsky
Cinematography: Francisco Sánchez Munoz [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Amen” sung by Carmen
Running time: 101 minutes

Jones/Jonas MacKenna/McKenna - John Ireland
Chris - Robert Woods
Barbara - Daniela Giordana
Don Diego - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Maggie - Pam Stevenson (Annabelle Incontrera)
Ed - Mariano Vidal Molina
Doctor - Sergio Mendizábal (Hermengildo Mendizábal)
with: Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia), José Antonio López, Nando Poggi (Ferdinando Poggi), Attilio Dottesio, Angelo Dessy (Angelo Desideri), Sergio Colasanti

Jonas MacKenna, a former priest, becomes embroiled in the drama raging between a Mexican rancher, his unhappy daughter and psychotic son while dealing with his own issues of guilt and a loss of faith. A new relationship with the local brothel keeper seems to offer a fresh start but the rancher and his son are set on making him pay for his interference and his own inner demons are never far away.


  1. Robert Woods told me that John Ireland had the U.S. rights to this film was responsible for a re-edited version featuring different opening music. Under the title AMEN, it played on L.A.'s KABC-TV. Not too long after that, the original version, under the title CHALLENGE OF MACKENNA played on the USA cable network.