Monday, March 9, 2009

The Essential Spaghetti Western Library

Western All'Italiana Volume 1-3

Volume I
Glittering Images
144 pages (Illustrated)
Authors Antonio Bruschini, Antonio Tentori

The history of the Italian Western in a collection of three full color illustrated books.

Volume I “The Specialists” is devoted to the masters of the genera: Sergio Leone, Sergio Corbucci, Sergio Sollima, Duccio Tessari, Tonino Valerii, Giulio Petroni, Enzo G. Castellari, Giuseppe Colizzi, Franco Giraldi. Forward by Franco Nero. Text by Antonio Bruschini, Antonio Tentori.

Volume II
Glittering Images
176 pages (Illustrated)
Authors Antonio Bruschini, Federico de Zigno

Volume II “The Wild, the Sadist and the Outsiders” features the most incredible, sadistic, delirious and unusual Italian western movies: Sentenza di morte, Tempo di massacro, Texas addio, Yankee, The bounty killer, Django il bastardo, Quien sabe?, Requiescant, Se sei vivo spara, Il tempo degli avvoltoi, The Belle Star story, E Dio disse a Caino, Matalo!, Blindman, L'odio è il mio Dio, I quattro dell'Apocalisse...

Volume III
Glittering Images
128 pages (Illustrated)
Authors Antonio Bruschini, Federico de Zigno

Volume III deals with 100 more interesting movies, some of which are worthy of rediscovery: I tre spietati, Le pistole non discutono, Un dollaro bucato, Adios Gringo, Arizona Colt, Per pochi dollari ancora, 10.000 dollari per un massacre, Una lunga fila di croci, Lo chiamavano Trinita, Red Sun, California… as well as featuring the complete European filmography of the entire genre.


  1. I love these books, found the first two from local shop of export books in 2001 oe 2002 and immediately bought them. The first one is a good introduction to the genre but it was the second one that hit me like a hammer, I just had to track down films like Hatred Was His Prayer or Ringo; It's Massacre Time after that! I like the third one too for it's great reviews but sadly their "complete Eurowestern film guide" is a very rushed job. They claim to include ALL European westerns and they have indeed included Russian westerns and Russian pseudo-westerns even, but not one from Finland, Sweden Romania or Swizerland for example. Why not? A high number of UK productions is missing and what's worse, even some Italian/Spanish/German westerns are "forgotten", like some few Winnetou films and some little-known Spanish ones like Blood Church or La vuelta de El Coyote.

    I bet they are planning to write a 4th one since some essential movies like A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe are still to reviewed. I hope they do and that they include an addendum to their Euro-western guide also.

  2. I hope they do a fourth volume also, but the third volume was delayed for so long it was almost forgotten. They had the time to do it correctly on the film guide but, like you said, missed quite a few.

  3. where can i fin d these books?

  4. Try e-Bay, X-Ploited or Bud Plant. Good Luck!

  5. These are actually my favorite books about the genre! If for no other reason than their excellent illustrations.
    It would be great if they did do a 4th volume.