Monday, July 25, 2022

European western Comic Books – Albi dell’Intrepidezza


Albi of Intrepidity

This comic book collection totaled 232 issues when it was released from 1946-1955. It contains stories on various characters such as Franca by Carlo Cossio, Miriam Peverelli, Leo Veri and Vittorio Cossio, Mirko by Carlo Cossio, Leo Veri and Lupen and V. Cossio; Dix and Tornado Roy by Pini Segna; Kocis, the Lonely Knight,; Nik, the Little Policeman and The Knight of the North by Antonio Chiomenti and Vincenzo Chiomenti; Albo Tris, with Mowgli by Roberto Renzi and Augusto Pedrazza and Panther Blak by Antonio Chiomenti and V. Chiomenti.

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