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1996 video game “Los justicieros”

Los justicieros – Spanish title

The Avengers [English translated title]


A 1996 Spanish video game [PicMatic S.A., Snatcho (Madrid)]

Producer: Brien Meitiner

Director: Enrique Urbizu

Story: Mariano 1.85 (Mariano Matarranz), Antonio Gallardo

Animation: Oscar Arteta, Jon [color]

Music: Mariano 1.85 (Mariano Matarranz)

Story: A lone gunman arrives in a town "east of the Pecos River" tormented by two bandits called The Zorton Brothers. The player must locate the pieces of the map to reach the Sonora prison, the Zorton barracks, and kill them to restore peace to the town.


Hermano Zorton – Mariano 1.85 (Mariano Matarranz)

Indian chief - Paco Calatrava (Francisco Calatrava)

Undertaker - Javier de Campos (Javier De Campos)

Sheriff Little Fearful - José Espinosa (Jose Contreras)

Narrator - Ramón Fernández de Castro

Life in the West was never easy. Especially if we consider that in most of the towns existed a group of people who suffer from two defects: avarice and presumption. This is the case of the Zorton Brothers, two gunmen and real bad guys who think that they are the center of the world, and that all the other mortals must obey them. In addition, they enjoy killing the weakest and making them suffer, something that we are sure you, the intrepid "justiciero", can no longer allow.

The Zorton Brothers have arrived in a peaceful, western town whose sheriff acts as more a symbol than practical. He is small, weak, without aim and too talkative. Before this panorama, the Zortons have decided to seize the town with the inestimable aid of their gang. It is up to you to save the town from their clutches.

Los Justicieros is a conversion of the Laser Disc arcade game Zorton Brothers, made by Picmatic in 1993. It was the first Spanish FMV game ported to PC

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