Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Mara Carisi

Mara Carisi was born in Turin, Piedmont, Italy in 1919. At eighteen she became a mother, and named her daughter Wilma, in homage to Wilma Banky, an actress amongst others for the film “The Son of the Sheik” with Rodolfo Valentino (her daughter becomes one of the most famous Italian soubrette, Wilma Aris); in 1945, her husband abandoned the family, and Mara Carisi, who had a beautiful presence, kept her daughter and became a dressmaker and then had a career as a photo model.

From fashion, she then worked in Fotoromanzi magazines, debuting as an actress in the cinema at almost the same time as her daughter's affirmation in the fotoromanzi magazines; in 1955.

At the age of 36, she became a grandmother.

She continue her career throughout the next decade; in particular, her participation in the Omicron of Ugo Gregoretti is mentioned and she also worked in television.

As far as I’m able to determine Mara is still alive and living in Italy.

CARISI, Mara (aka Mary Carish) [1919, Turin, Piedmont, Italy -     ] – film, TV actress, married to ? Corradi, mother of actress Wilma Aris (Wilma Corradi) [1937-    ].
Kill or be Killed – 1966

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