Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Twice Upon a Time in the West

“Twice Upon a Time in the West” - the Bulgarian movie starring Claudia Cardinale

Mila, a bride on the run, stumbles upon a ghost town in the middle of the desert whilst trying tho escape from her murderous husband-to-be. This surreal landscape has served once as a setting for Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, so its local inhabitants still dream of being film extras. When Mila gets a job as a housekeeper for a local eccentric lady, she soon discovers that she is actually working for the true Claudia Cardinale herself. Those women become friends and find common strength to face the demons, both past and present. Soon enough their duo is supplemented with a romantic cowboy, vying for the young woman’s lonely heart, and an Indian mystic eager to lead them out of the desert. At this moment the boundary between reality and cinema begins to fade. When the villain appears, everything becomes just „like a movie“.

Imalo edno vreme edin western – Bulgarian title
Twice Upon a Time in the West – English title

A 2014 Bulgarian production [Arthouse Blockbusters (Sofa)]
Producer: Boris Despodov, Andrey Paounov
Director: Boris Despodov
Story: Boris Despodov, Andrey Paounov
Screenplay: Boris Despodov, Andrey Paounov
Cinematography: Jimmy Gimferrer [color]
Music: Florian Erlbeck
Running time: 97 minutes

Claudia – Claudia Cardinale
Maria – Diana Paskalieva
Alex – Àlex Brendemühl
Riko – Francesc Garrido
Pepe – José Novo (José Ariellano)
Robin – Krassimir Ivanov
Laura – Laura Conejero
Indian prophet – Laurence Burton
Sofia – Sofia Stanimirova
Guillermo Guerra – Francisco Conde
Priest – Joshua Daniel Hershfield
Western actors: Pecos El Frances, Jesus Laguna, Enrique Durio (Enrique Fernández)

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