Friday, November 6, 2015

Trigger Fast (TV)

Die Geachteten – German title
Gia tin timi ton oplon – Greek title
Trigger Fast – English title

A 1994 South African television production [Lluniau Lliw/el Productions, Peakviewing Productions (Johannesburg)]
Producer: Paul Matthews, Peter Edwards
Director: David Lister
Story: “The Floating Outfit” by J.T. Edson (John Thomas Edson)
Screenplay: Paul Matthews
Cinematography: Peter Thornton [color]
Music: Stephen C. Marston, Shuki Levy
Running time: 96 minutes

Jack Neumann – Jurgen Prochnow
Jackson Baines ‘Ole’ Devil’ Hardin – Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez)
Brent Mallick – Corbin Bernsen
Mark Counter – Gerard Christopher (Gerard DiNome)
Mifuel Rodriguez – Todd Jensen
Freida LaSalle – Walker Brandt
Dusty Fog – Christopher Atkins (Christopher Bomann)
Trooper Stone – Marcel Van Heerden
Edd – Michael McCabe
Frank Gifford – Patrick Lyster
Sheriff – Ted LePlat
Gomez – Nicky Rabello (Nicky Rebello)
Murphy – Anthony Fridjohn
Colonel Jackson – Brian O’Shaughnessy
Lucille – Heide Lehnart (Heidi Lehart)
Melanie – Fiona Ramsey (Fiona Ramsay)
Telegraph clerk – Will Bernhard (Will Bernard)
Sam – Dick Reineke
Martha – Lynn White
Dentist – David Butler
Ranchers – Andrew Mathews, Michael Evans
Rancher’s wife – Carrie Glynn (Carrie Glyn)
Mexicans – Greg Latter, Raymond Samuel
With: James Van Helsen, Ron Smekczak, Jeremy Crutchley
Stunt coordinator: Gavin Mey
Stunts: Aslan, Arthur Bezezen (Arthur Berezin), Gavin Genlaud (Gavin Genlloud), Craig Ginsberg, Chris Olley, Bruce Ourtaeve (Bruce Ortaev), Graham Press, Raymond Sammel, Peter Spyropolous (Peter Spiropoulous),Neville Strydom, Edgar Teixeira, Paul Teixeira Danie van Rensburg (Danie Van Rensberg), Michelle Van Rensburg, Peter Warnaby

After the American Civil War a determined woman struggles to keep her ranch from being stolen by a greedy and unscrupulous land-baron named Malick. A trio of young men comes to her aid Dusty Fog, the "Kid," and Miguel. They are later joined by a fourth named Mark, who switches allegiance away from Malick, and then by the local Sheriff who's finally forced to stand up to the local tyrant.

This was a sequel to the television film ‘Guns of Honor’ written by British western novelist J.T. Edson. This made to TV western was shown on July 6, 1994. The two films were to be part of a television series based on Edson’s characters from “The Floating Outfit”. These films were shot in South Africa but the series never came to fruition even though they had several name actors on board and the production values were quite high for a TV series.

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