Monday, October 26, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? - Jan Bradac

Jan Bradáč was born in Roznov, Czechoslovakia on March 11, 1990. He is a multi-talented singer, musician and actor. Currently he’s associated with the Brno Theater but has also been a member of such bands as Ondráš Brno’, ‘Solan Medicimbal’, ‘Midnight Coffee Session’. He appeared in the 2011 Euro-western “Western Story”.

BRADAC, Jan (Jan Bradáč) [3/11/1990, Roznov, Czechoslovakia -     ] – singer, dancer, musician (violin), member of the bands ‘Ondráš Brno’, ‘Solan Medicimbal’, ‘Midnight Coffee Session’ [2010-    ].
Western Story – 2011

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