Monday, October 5, 2015

European Western Comic Books - Aquila D'Oro

Aqula D’Oro (Golden Eagle) was a 1960s western adventure comic. At least 11 issue were printed monthly between 1962-1963. This comic book series was produced by Edizioni Bianconi  Some of the covers included artwork while others were still color photos taken from western films. Who the artist(s) and writer(s) were I’ve been unable to find out. If any of the blog readers can give us more information please do so in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Thanks to Breccio, who posted in the comments information, we have this additional information.  "According to various reference sites about French comics, there was a digest-size magazine called "Aigle d'or" published in France in the 1950s (35 issues from 1956 to 1958). Note that issue #17 featured a story called "La Colline sacrée". Apparently, contents were Spanish comics by an unidentified artist, humorous comics by French cartoonist Jean Marcellin and straight western comics by French cartoonist Pierre Dupuis. Since this Italian "Aquila d'oro" came later, maybe it was a reprint of the Spanish comic, with or without the French features inside."

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