Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who Are Those Guys? - Hugo Blanco

Hugo Blanco Galiasso was born in Chaco, Argentina on January 22, 1937. His parents were both actors and he debuted with them on stage in Buenos Aires at the age of 5 years-old. With performances with the Pepita Serrador stage company and also with Cibrian-Campoy company. he received a national award for drama for the play "Clerambaro”. After appearing in several television productions, he started appearing in films beginning with in 1961. He then went to Spain to attend the festival of San Sebastian. He was discovered by Spanish director Jesus Franco who offered him a contract to star as Ludwig von Klaus in "La mano de un hombre muerto". He decided to stay in Spain and went on to appear in over 50 films including eleven Euro-westerns. He quit acting in 1991 but has recently signed to appear in “La cabeza del Bautista” which is scheduled for release in 2015. Blanco was sometimes credited under the aliases Ugo Blanco, John Clark, John Russell, Hugh White, and J. White.

BLANCO, Hugo (aka Ugo Blanco, John Clark, John Russell, Hugh White, J. White) (Hugo Blanco
Galiasso) [1/22/1937, Chaco, Argentina -     ] – stage TV, actor.
Hands of a Gunfighter - 1965 (Charlie Castle/Castell)
The Avenger - 1966 (Pedro)
Blood at Sundown – 1965 (Manuel Lopez)
The Ugly Ones – 1966 (deserter)
Django Does Not Forgive - 1966 (Peter Lembrock/Django) [as John Clark]
In a Colt’s Shadow - 1966
Up the MacGregors - 1967 (David MacGregor)
One After the Other – 1968 (Miguel)
Sonora – 1968
Valley of the Dancing Widows – 1975 (soldier)
Tex and the Lord of the Deep – 1985 (Eusebio/Magua)

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