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Who Are Those Gals? - Montserrat Blanch

[Montserrat Blanch is pictured center stage]

Montserrat Blanch Ferrer was born in Spain in 1903. She was the sister of actors Jose and Modesto Blanch and the aunt of actor Jaime Blanch. An eminent theatrical actress, her career dates back to the 1920s, where she was part of the theatrical company of Carmen Diaz, who shared the stage with actors Rafael Bardem and Matilde Muñoz Sampedro and Julia Lajos in works like “La maja”, by Luis Fernández Ardavín, “Los duendes de Sevilla” (1929), by the brothers Alvarez Quintero, “La de los claveles dobles” (1930), by Luis de Vargas, “El susto” (1933), of Quintero.Más tarde”, by Josefina Diaz de Artigas and intervenes in “Mañana me mato” (1935), by Pérez Fernández and starring in “Electra” (1937), by Benito Perez Galdos.
After the Spanish Civil War she resumed her career and in 1940 premiered in “Mujeres”, by Clara Boothe Soon after, she joined the company of Irene López Heredia, and appears in “El viaje infinito” (1943), by Sutton Vane and “La sombra” (1944), by Darius Niccomedi.
In the 1950s we find her starring in “The Glass Menagerie” (1952), by Tennessee Williams, and joins with Mariano Asquerino in the premiere of “Pilate 's Wife” (1956), by Rafael Martí and with Orberá Mercedes Prendergast in “Mariano Asquerino” (1959), by John Patrick.

In 1960 she obtained a great commercial success with the release of theLa boda de la chica”, by Alfonso Paso and a year later reprises “The Glass Menagerie” starring Berta Riaza. In subsequent years she is involved in a number of plays
Along with his extensive theater career, she participated in the shooting of a dozen films, most notablyNueve cartas a Berta” (1966), by Basilio Martín Patino. She also appeared occasionally on television spots such as Study 1. Her one Euro-western was as Mrs. Patterson in the 1962 film “The Secret of Captain O’Hara”.
Montserrat died in Madrid in February 1995.

BLANCH, Montserrat (aka Monserrat Blanch) (Montserrat Blanch Ferrer) [1903, Spain – 2/?/1995, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – stage, TV actress, sister of José Blanch [1904-1996], Modesto Blanch [1909-1990], aunt of Jaime Blanch [1940-    ].
The Secret of Captain O’Hara – 1964 (Mrs. Patterson)

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