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Prima ti suono e poi ti sparo – Italian title
Johnny Chitarra – Italian title
Vier Engel mit Pistolen – Austrian title
Der kleine schwarze mit dem roten hut – Austrian title
Sheriffen gar fra snovsen – Danish title
Johnny – lannen lokari – Finnish title
Trinita, une cloche et une guitar – French title
Zwei toller Hechte – Wir sind die Grossten – German title
Johnny, lad’ mal die Gitarre durch – German title
Johnny, o tsaboukas tou Texas – Greek title
Det Dajavlas For Sheriffen – Swedish title
Break You First, Kill You Later – English title
Trinity, First to Draw and First to Shoot – English title
Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar – English title
Trinity, the Clown, the Guitar – English title
A 1974 Italian, Austrian co-production [Gloria (Rome), Neue Delta (Vienna)]
Producer: Franz Antel
Director: Francois Legrand (Franz Antel)
Story: Joshua Sinclair (John Loffredo), Oreste Coltellacci, Michele Massimo Tarantini, Heinz
Screnplay: Joshua Sinclair (John Loffredo), Oreste Coltellacci, Michele Massimo Tarantini, Heinz
Cinematography: Mario Caprioti [Eastmancolor]
Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Running time: 95 minutes
Trinity/Johnny Chitarra/Guitar – George Hilton (Jorge Acotsa y Lara)
Nick – Rinaldo Talamonti
Minstrel/El Moro – Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Reverend Innocent – Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla)
Jonathan - Hans Terofal (Hans Seitz)
Gold sisters – Alena Penz, Sonja Jeanine, Marie-Luise Zehetner, Christa Linder (Crista Linder)
Mamy – Carmen Silva
Mr. Walker – Dante Cleri
Blondie – Katty Santos
Bandit leader – Herbert Fux
Croupier – Ennio Colaianni
Barman – Mimmo Poli
Outlaw – Ettore Arena
El Moro henchman – Benito Pacifico
Speaker for the townsmen – Antonio Gradoli
Townsman – John Bartha (János Barta)
Stunts: Ottaviano Dell’Acqua

Little Lake, a small village in the American West, is threatened by a bandit known as ‘Il Moro’ who, in the shadows, slaughters and plunders it’s good citizens. The community, determined to defend itself, hires the famous gunslinger Red Jack, who, however, is killed by an unknown assailant. Coincidentally, however, arriving in the country a drifter wearing a red hat and is mistaken for Red Jack and elected mayor: a cheater and adventurer is actually Johnny Guitar, who along with the four Gold Sisters, buy the local saloon and begin to battle against ‘Il Moro’, supported by the new sheriff. After adventures of all kinds, the new arrivals show that the ‘Il Moro’ is nothing but an alias for Reverend Innocent and reveal the reasons for his oulaw businesses.

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