Sunday, May 4, 2014

Italy's Studio Universal Network Spaghetti Western Marathon

Premium channel Studio Universal (Mediaste Premium on DTT) is having a Spaghetti Western night during the month of May dedicated to the Spaghetti Western genre adored by all Italians, populated by gunslingers, bandits and revolutionaries in which the Colt is used to lay down the law. An exclusive focus and an overview of four films that are representative of the great Spaghetti Westerns beginning May 5th and continues every Monday night in May.
Films include “Django”, “Django Kill”, “Blindman” and “My Name is Shanghai Joe”
Watch the trailer link made in 2009 and see Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia) looking none the worse for wear.

Studio Universal link:
Trailer link:

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  1. Cianfriglia was 20 year old Italian boxer when he became Steve Reeves' stunt double in Hercules, 300 credits on IMDb & half century career, stunt double Ken Wood movie 🌟 died onscreen over a dozen times, still robust @ almost 90, speaking of looking none the worse for wear.