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La tumba del pistolero – Spanish title
Les pistoleros – French title
Attento gringo… ora si spara! – Italian title
Grave of the Gunfighter – English title
Tomb of the Pistolero – English title
A 1964 Spanish, French co-production [Fénix Cooperativa Cinematográfica (Madrid), EurocineFilms (Paris)]
Producers: Heriberto S. Valdés, Marius Le Soeur, Eduardo Manzanos
Director: Albert Mann (Amando de Ossorio)
Story: Amando de Ossorio
Screenplay: Amando de Ossorio, Vincenzo Tomassi
Additional dialogue: H.S. Valdés (Heriberto S. Valdés)
Cinematography: Miguel F. Mila (Miguel Fernández Mila) [black & white, SuperScope]
Music: Daniel J. White
Song: “My Pistolero” sung by ?
Song: “The Golden Coach” sung by Silvia Solar
Song: “The Golden Coach sung by chorus
Running time: 85 minutes
Tom Bogarde – George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Herbert/Russ Brandon – Jack Taylor (George Randall)
Taffy – Silvia Solar (Geneviève Couzain)
Jack Bogarde – Todd Martens (Todd Martin)
Mary/Ruth Brandon – Mercedes West (Mercedes Alonso)
Hamilton – Joseph Rambler (José Davo)
Cochero – Tito García (Pablo González)
Stacy – Ángel Hamils (Riccardo Ortiz)
Bartender – Miguel del Castillo
Hotel clerk – Luis Vilar
Sheriff – Luis Induni (Lugi Radici)
Black Rider – Frank Brewer (Frank Braña)
Old pistolero – Joaquín Pamplona
Brandon henchmen – Luis Barboo, Joe Carlton (José Canalejas), Laurence Rambling (Lorenzo Robledo), Al Davidson (Alfonso de la Vega)
Miners – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell), José Villasante
With: Diana Lorys (Anna Vega), Juan Cortes, Raf Baldassarre (Rafffaele Baldassare), Ángel Lombardi (Ángel Lombarte), José Nieto

Tom Bogarde leaves his studies at his Boston law school to return to Pearson City/Tucson in order to investigate the death of his brother Jack. Bogarde immediately feels the hostility of all the people because they believe that Jack killed Liz because he was in love with her and she was going to marry the banker Brandon his best friend. Brandon tries to tell Tom that Jack was the leader of a gang of outlaws called the Black Rider.  Tom does not believe his brother was a murderer or an outlaw, and is not the only one in town who has the same feelings. Bogarde's confusion is heightened when visiting his brother’s grave where he finds Lupe, the saloon owner putting flowers on the grave. Upon further inspection it is discovered that Jack's coffin is empty.
YouTube opening credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaqgepHzHGw

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