Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Tonto Woman

The Tonto Woman – International title
A 2007 British production [Knucklehead Productions (London)]
Producers: Matthew Brown, Belinda Lewin
Director: Daniel Barber
Story: Elmore Leonard (Elmore Leonard, Jr.)
Screenplay: Joe Shrapnel (Joseph Shrapnel)
Cinematography: Ben Davis (Benamin Davis) [color]
Music: Dan Jones (Daniel Jones)
Running time: 35 minutes
Sarah Isham – Charlotte Asprey
Isham – Richard Brake
Bonnet – Sam Douglas
Priest – John Golightly
Clyde – Duncan Marwick
Tom Halloran – Dan Mullane
Ruben Vega – Francesco Quinn
Springfield – Lex Shrapnel (Alexander Shrapnel)
Ramona Halloran – Lola Garcia
Waitress – Una Nicholson
With Diego Jiminez Flores
[nominated for 2007 Academy Award “Best Short Film”]

Ruben Vega discovers a woman living alone in the desert. Intrigued by her solitary existence, he sets out to find why she lives in such an inhospitable place. He uncovers the tale of her kidnapping by Apache Indians who in turn trade her to the Mojaves. She lives as a squaw for eleven years until she is found by her husband. Feeling she is now unfit for society he keeps her in a shack in the desert. Her solitary existence is transformed with the arrival of a Mexican. He befriends her, reignites her self-worth and increases her confidence. He re-introduces her to her husband and leaves. As he is leaving town he is ambushed by her husband’s men and there is a gun-battle.
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