Saturday, April 12, 2014

Remembering Paul Dahlke

Paul Victor Ernst Dahlke was born on April 12, 1904 in Groß-Streitz, Pomerania, Germany. He attended school in Köslin, Stargard and passed his final exams in Dortmund in 1922. Dahlke started to study at the Clausthal University of Technology and the Technical University of Berlin but also attended some lectures in German philosophy and dramatics.
In 1927 Dahlke was a scholar of Max Reinhardt's drama school and appeared on different stages in Berlin and Munich in 1929. He became a member of the Deutsches Theater ensemble in 1934 until it closed in 1944 and was awarded a Staatsschauspieler in 1937. Throughout the 1930s he worked with popular actors like Emil Jannings, Zarah Leander, Lil Dagover or Lída Baarová.
After World War II Dahlke worked at the Staatsschauspiel Munich and embodied characters like Carl Zuckmayer's in “Des Teufels General” and Professor Higgins in George Bernard Shaw's “Pygmalion”. He became popular in several television productions in the 1970s, such as his appearance in “The Old Fox”, “Derrick” and “Der Kommissar”. Paul appeared in only one Euro-western 1938’s “Women for Golden Hill” in the role of Barryman.
Dahlke was the German dubbing voice of Charles Laughton and Vincent Price.
Paul Dahlke died on November 24, 1984 in Salzburg, Austria.

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