Thursday, April 10, 2014


The Timber – English title
A 2013 U.S.A., Romanian co-production [ANA Media (U.S.A.)]
Producers: Scott Einbinder, Patrick Newall, Mark Sayre
Director: Anthony O’Brien
Story: Steve Allrich, Anthony O’Brien, Colin Ossiander
Screenplay: Steve Allrich, Anthony O’Brien, Colin Ossiander
Cinematography: Phil Parmet (Philip Parmet) [color]
Music: Tim Borquez
Running time: ?
Wyatt – James Ransone
Colonel Rupert Thomas – Mark Caven
Patrick The Bear - Attila Árpa
Jim Broadswell – Shaun O’Hagan
Samuel – Josh Peck (Joshua Peck)
Sheriff Snow – David Bailie
Guard - Razvan Gheorghiu
Running man - Marius Florian
Young boy - Alfred Wegeman
With: Elisa Lasowski, William Gaunt
Stunts Florian Ciprian (Florian Filip), Ciprian Dumitrascu, Doru Dumitrescu, Marius Florian, Banica Gheorghe, Razvan Gheorghiu, Mihai Ionita, Cosmin Padureanu, Adrian Pavlovschi, Florin Stancu, Nicolae Stoica
In 1898, during the Yukon Gold Rush, brothers Wyatt and Samuel face harsh elements, crazed men, and death at every corner in pursuit of their violent and commanding father, a twisted man who has turned the Yukon Territory into his own personal hell in a time where intense greed, betrayal, redemption and bloodshed are common.

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