Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Wendy D'Olive

Wendy Deborah D’Olive was born on April 17, 1954 in Rome, Italy. She is the daughter of model Gabriella D’Olive [1933-    ] and sister of actress Leslie D’Olive while her father was an American Wendy's career started in modeling for advertisements, following in her mother’s footsteps. She then appeared in a series of soap operas. Wendy also participated in several movies, including "Mano di velluto", 1967, shot in Senigallia, which had among the extras Franco Gasparri. And then again in 1970, "Il prete sposato" with Barbara Bouchet, Lando Buzzanca, Mariangela Spalato, Rossana Podesta, Salvo Randone, and "Catch-22" with Anthony Perkins, Art Garfunkel, Martin Sheen, John Voigt, Orson Welles; 1971 - "Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate" directed by Duccio Tessari, with Helmut Berger, Giancarlo Sbragia, Carole André; 1972 - "L'etrusco uccide ancora". In 1974 she appeared in her only Euro-western "Red Coat" with Fabio Testi; "Scusi lei è favorevole o contrario?", With a screenplay by Alberto Sordi; 1978 - "Una spirale di nebbia" with Flavio Bucci and Eleonora Giorgi.
Today we celebrate Wendy D’Olive’s 60th birthday.

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