Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Remembering Eman Fiala

Emanuel ‘Eman’ Fiala was born on April 15, 1899 in Prague, Austria-Hungary. Coming from an artistic family, his brother Ferdinad Fiala [1888-1953 was an actor and his half-brother, Francis [1891-1947] was known under the pseudonym of Ferenc Futurista and composer, actor Jirí Fiala [1892–1974]. He was the uncle of actress Ferencová [1927- ]. Anna  Eman first devoted himself to music, conducting and composing; he composed music for about twenty films.
After 1918 he was briefly engaged in the Cabaret Red Seven, which was based in the Central Hall Hotel on Hybernské Street. Eman played the piano and started acting. In 1920 he appeared in the play the “Revoluční” by Emil Artur Longen, which was housed in a room of the Hotel Adria on Wenceslas Square, and from 1923 he worked in the Rococo Little Theater, with other artists, including E.A. Longen, Xena and Longenové Vlasta Burian.
Later appeared in nearly two hundred films where he was often cast in smaller and comedic roles. A few of the films he also wrote the scores. Among those films was one Euro-western “Lemonade Joe” (1964) where he had a small role as the pianist.
Eman died on June 24, 1970 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Today we remember Eman on what would have been his 115th birthday.

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