Monday, April 28, 2014

Remembering Kurt Bowe

Kurt Böwe was born on April 28, 1929 in Reetz, Brandenburg, Germany. Kurt was one of six children of a Reetzer peasant family. Already in his youth he was interested in literature and the theater, so in 1949 after he graduated from high school he took the entrance exam at the drama school of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. Receiving approval, he studied from 1950 to 1954 German Literature and Theatre Studies at the Institute for Theatre Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin to start an academic career. After his studies, he worked six years as an assistant at the University, where he lectured in theater history and drama. He also played at the student theater, where the then head, Horst Schönemann, persuaded him to pursue acting.
After he had turned to acting, his first engagement in 1961 led him to the Maxim Gorki Theater. Then for a short time at the Volksbühne Berlin, then an engagement at the National Theatre Hall, before he retired in 1973 on the stage of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. From 1973 to 1997 he belonged to the local Ensemble and became at that time one of the most famous and popular performers.
In Berlin in 1961 he started his film and television work, initially in small roles such as in Konrad Wolf's DEFAIch war neunzehn”, and later in main roles, such as the Wolf film “Der nackte Mann auf dem Sportplatz” in 1973. His portrayal of the sculptor Kemmel earned him the breakthrough as a film actor and made him known nationally and internationally. This was followed by countless other film and television activities. He appeared in one Euro-western “Bluehawk” (1979) as Juhn Ruster.
With his distinctive voice, he was also a voice actor and announcer in about 150 radio plays.
Bowe was in 1969 awarded the art prize of the GDR. In 1989 he was awarded the National Prize of the GDR , First Class for art and literature.
Bowe died on June 14, 2000 in Berlin, Germany.
Today we remember Kurt Böwe on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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