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Return of the Seven – U.S.A. title
El regreso de los siete Magnificos – Spanish title
El retorn dels set magnífics' – Spanish title
O retorno dos Sete – Argentinian title
Sete homens e um destino 2 – Argentinian title
A Volta dos Sete Magníficos – Brazilian title
Sete Homens E um Destino II – Brazilian title
Syv mænd vender tilbage – Danish title
7 rohkean paluu – Finnish title
Le retour des sept – French title
Die Rückkehr der glorreichen Sieben – German title
Oi 7 yperohoi epistrefoun – Greek title
A hét bátor mindig győz – Hungarian title
Il ritorno dei magnifici sette – Italian title
El regreso de los siete magníficos – Mexican title
O regress dos sete magnificos – Portuguese title
Sju kommer tillbaka – Swedish title
7 silâhsörün dönüsü – Turkish title
Return of the Seven – English title

A 1966 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Mirisch Productions (Hollywood), CB Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Ted Richmond
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Larry Cohen
Screenplay: Larry Cohen
Dialogue: Eduardo Garcia [Spanish]
Cinematography: Paul C. Vogel [DeLuxe Color, Panavision[
Music: Elmer Bernstein
Running time: 95 minutes

Chris – Yul Brynner (Yuliy Bryner)
Vin – Robert Fuller (Buddy Lee)
Chico – Julián Mateos (Julian Pérez)
Colbee – Warren Oates
Manuel – Jordan Christopher (Jordan Zankoff)
Frank – Claude Akins
Luis – Virgilio Teixeira
Lorca – Emilio Fernández (Emilio Romo)
Lopez – Rudy Acosta (Rodolfo Pérez)
Petra – Elisa Montés (Elisa Penella)
Priest – Fernando Rey (Fernando Vega)
Jailer – Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Flamenco dancer – Gracita Sacromonte
Female prisoner – Felis Jimenez
Boy – Pedro Bermúdez
Peons – José González Talavera, Carlos Casaravilla (Carlos Rios), Moisés Menéndez, Héctor Quiroga
Matador – Francisco Antón
Torero - Román Ariznavarreta
Stunts: Denny Arnold (Dennis Arnold), Bill Catching (Jerome Catching), Chuck Hayward (Charles Hayward), Roy N. Sickner (Roy Cooley)

A large rancher named Lorca wants to build a church in memory of his dead sons. He raids three Mexican villages and kidnaps all the able bodied men for labor. One of these men is Chico, formerly a member of the original Magnificent Seven. His wife Petra immediately sets out to look for Chris and Vin, the other surviving members of the Seven. Chris recruits four others (a playboy, an avenger, a highwayman and an orphan) to reform another Seven, once again defending farmers from their oppressors and freeing the imprisoned villagers from their forced labor on the aforementioned church.
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