Friday, October 15, 2010

RIP Nils Hallberg

Actor Nils Hallberg has died after a brief illness.

Hallberg appeared, during his nearly 60-year career, in 105 films and about forty plays. Hallberg was 89 years.

Nils breakthrough came when he was a 13-year-old and starred in the film "Anderssonskans Kalle" in 1934. Through the years he appeared as Tim in "Hemsöborna" in 1955 and Tom in Arne Mattsson's "Love's Bread" in 1953. Hallberg left films during the ‘70s and then worked in the theater.

He passed away peacefully with family around him. It was quiet and nice, "said his son, the comedian Messiah Hallberg. He is survived by wife, three children and four grandchildren.

Nils Hallberg appeared as the barber in the 1964 Euro-western “Wild West Story”.


  1. "Donald Anderson Skans"?! Oh, my God - that's a hilarious translation! "Anderssonskans Kalle" actually means "Mrs. Andersson's Kalle" (her son is called Kalle). I suppose Kalle became Donald, since Donald Duck is Kalle Anka in Sweden.

  2. Pidde - That's what the Google translation came out. In Respect I changed it back to the original Swedish title. Best, Tom

  3. Google Translate is an endless source for hilarity.
    Anyway, I forgot to mention that I think it was really cool of you mentioning the passing of Hallberg. Extremely unexpected to read about here on your blog.

  4. Your welcome Pidde. Many people don't realize or know that almost every European country made westerns of one type or another. I try and keep on top of the films and people who were part of them as best I can.