Friday, October 22, 2010

Remembering Alejandro Ulloa

Alejandro Ulloa was born on October 22, 1910 in Madrid, Spain. Ulloa had a long career in film, theater, radio and as a voice dubber. Alejandro began his career in the theater with Tenorio de Zorrilla at the Romea Theater appearing as many as four times a day. He shared his theater career with his film career starring in such Spanish films as “Es peligroso asomarseal exterior” and was also a cinematographer on numerous films including “Las chicas de la Cruz Roja”, “El dia de los enamorados” and “Las de Cain”. He started his own theater company during the Spanish Civil War and toured the United States. He then returned to Spain and became the director of all of MGM films dubbed in Barcelona, Spain. He started dubbing in 1943 as the Spanish voice of Robert Taylor. Alejandro appeared in two Euro-westerns, “Twenty Paces to Death” (1970) and “Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata’s Coming” (1971). Ulloa is the father of cinematographer Alejandro Ulloa Jr. [1926- ]. In 1999 he was awarded the Medal of Honor Barcelona. Alejandro died in Barcelona, Spain on April 27, 2004 having been bedridden for seven months after suffering a fall. Today we celebrate what would have been Alejandro Ulloa’s 100th birthday.


  1. according Imdb, he outlived his son, namesake, by two years? is that true?

  2. The Ulloa's are difficult to figure out because of them being Sr. and Jr. As far as I can find out Sr. was still in his teens when Jr. was born so there is a good chance he could have outlived his son. What is very difficult to determine are their credits as often they are confused with each other.