Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Duell vor Sonnenuntergang - German title
Blaue Augen - schneller Colt - German title
Ragazzi sparate a vista su killer kid - Italian title
Sparate a vista su killer kid - Italian title
Killer Kid - Italian title
Killer Kid - Lännen kapinallinen - Finnish title
Duel au crepuscule - French title
Killer Kid - Swedish title
Killer Kid: Shoot on Sight - English title
100 Days of Fury in Arizona - English title
Duel at Sundown - English title

A 1965 West German, Italian, Yugoslavian co-production [Eichberg Film (Munich), Corona Film (Rome), Jadran Film (Zagreb)]
Producer: Leopold Lahola (Leopold Friedmann)
Director: Leopold Lahola (Leopold Friedmann)
Story: Leopold Lahola (Leopold Friedmann), Marek Hlasko
Screenplay: Leopold Lahola (Leopold Friedmann), Anya Corvin
Cinematography: Janez Kalisnik [Eastmancolor]
Music: Z. Borodo (Zvi Borodo)
Running time: 110 minutes

Don McGow - Peter van Eyck (Peter von Eick)
Nancy Parker/Greenwood - Carole Gray
Punch Parker/Greenwood - Wolfgang Kieling
Larry McGow - Mario Girotti
Pastor - Carl Lange
Pa McGow - Walter Barnes
Lord - Jan Hendriks (Heinz Hinz)
Smokey Jim - Todd Martin (Todd Martens)
Quents - Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Sheriff - Kurt Heintel
Baby Face - Klaus Dahlen
Fort Clark rancher - Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Mack - Dieneler Bitenc (Demeter Bitenc)

In 1890 Arizona, rancher Pa McGow has two sons: Don, the eldest, is heads above the rest and Larry, the younger one, lives in his shadow. His silent admiration for his brother slowly changes to hate. To prove to himself and his family that he has become a real man, Larry chooses a path of crime and violence. During a cattle drive Don leaves Larry in charge of the herd and rides off. Later when he learns the herd has been stolen he goes in search of the thief only to discover it’s his kid brother Larry.

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdbW9aBg0Qg

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