Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dinamite Jim - Italian title
Dinamita Jim - Spanish title
Jim el dinamita - Spanish title
Dynamiitti Jim - Finnish title
Loa Alamos - Greek title
Dynamite Jim - English title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [Lux Film, SIAP (Rome), P.C. Balcazar (Barcelona)]
Producer: Remo Odevaine
Director: Alfonso Balcazar
Story: Alfonso Balcazar, José Antonio de la Loma Hernández (José Hernández), Mario Pasca
Screenplay: José Antonio de la Loma Hernández (José Hernández), Alfonso Balcazar
Dialogue: Mario Pasca, Alberto Liberati [Italian dialogue]
Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Victor Sarto) [Eastmancolor, Deltascope]
Music: Nico Fidenco
Song: “Dynamte Jim” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 85 minutes

‘Dynamite Jim’ Farrell - Luis Davila (Hector Ferrantino)
Pablo Reyes - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Margaret - Rosalba Neri
Slade/Slate - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Lupita - Maria Pia Conte (Maria Vaccarezza)
Lieutenant Williams - Michael Riva (Miguel de la Riva)
Thomas Ferguson - Oswald Genazzoni (Osvaldo Genazzani)
Clint Sherwood - Marcel Selmie (Marcello Selmi)
hotel clerk - Victor Israel (José Vilanova)
Gurko - Jack Rocha (Moisés Rocha)
preacher/undertaker - Pajarito (Murriz Brandariz)
with: Charles Solá (Carlos Solá), Joaquin Diaz (Joaquin Muntané), Giovanni Scratuglia (Ivan Scratuglia), Amparo L. Rubio, Óscar Carreras, Charito Vallés, Indio González (Gaspar González), Adalbert Rossetti, José Maria Caffarel (José Fabregas)

In 1865, during the American Civil War, ‘Dynamite Jim’ Farrell, a Northern spy, encounters a mysterious character who enlists his help for an important mission. Jim’s hired to transport a great treasure hidden in a coffin. To reach his final destination he must cross dangerous Southern lines. Jim hopes to elude the Confederate Army while keeping the gold on its course. Accompanied by Margaret, a beautiful dancer, who will guide him through the territory, and Pablo Reyes, a Mexican whose very interested in the treasure. The trio encounters several adventures with a crooked banker, a Mexican bandit and greed amongst themselves before reaching the elusive location.

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  1. This is a clumsy movie production wise. For example, a machine gun is fired repeatedly in one scene but the ammunition belt never moves. However, I really enjoyed this. The story is ridiculous but surprisingly coherent, the title character is charming and funny and believable in the action scenes, and Rosalba Neri and Maria Pia Conte are completely gorgeous! The version I watched is dubbed, but the lip synching and voice over performances are much better than adverage.