Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remembering Erich Dunskus

Erich Dunskus was born on July 27, 1890 in Pillkallen, East Prussia but emigrated to the United States after an apprenticeship as an apothecary's assistant in early 1914. He returned to Germany at the outbreak of World War I and following his training as a medic he was sent to the Western Front, where he served until the war ended. In 1918 he took acting lessons at the Reicherschen School of Dramatic Art and appeared at the State Theatre in Eisenach. Later he appeared on different stages until he acted under Gustaf at Berlin's Schillertheater. Besides his stage work he also appeared in leading and supporting roles for Ufa films. Among his 130 films were two Euro-westerns “The Emperor of California” (1936) and “Sergeant Berry” (1938). In later life he turned to voice dubbing and appeared in more than 600 film and television productions. After retiring from the industry he retired with his wife to Lübeck and then to Hagen, Germany where he died on November 25, 1967. Today we remember Erich Dunskus on what would have been his 120th birthday.

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