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Da uomo a uomo – Italian title
Vita, morte e vendetta – Italian title
A morte anda a cavalo – Brazilian title
De hombre a hombre – Spanish title
Kosto odottaa – Finnish title
La mort était au rendez-vous – French title
D’homme à home – French title
Von Mann zu Mann – German title
Die Rechnung wird mit Blei bezahit – German title
Oi 5 simademenoi tou El Viento – Greek title
Śmierć jeździ konno – Polish title
A morte vem a cavalo Portuguese title
Hamndens timme – Swedish title
Viva Django, Man to Man – English title
Two Deadliest Guns Alive – English title
Death Rides a Horse – English title

A 1968 Italian production [P.E.C. (Rome)]
Producer: Al Sansone (Alfonso Sansone), Henry Chorscicki (Henryk Chorscicki)
Director: Giulio Petroni
Story: Luciano Vincenzoni
Screenplay: Luciano Vincenzoni, Giulio Petroni
Cinematography: Carlo Carlini [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Song: “Death Rides a Horse” sung by Raoul
Running time: 120 minutes

Ryan - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef Jr.)
Bill Meceita - John Phillip Law
Walcott - Luigi Pistilli
Bert Cavanaugh/Manina/4 Aces- Anthony Dawson
Pedro - José Torres
Betsy - Carla Cassola
Negro soldier - Archie Savage
One-Eye - Mario Brega
Manuel - Guglielmo Spoletini
Paco - Angelo Susani
sheriff - Giuseppe Castellano
Lyndon City Sheriff - Franco Balducci
Lyndon City Deputy - Romano Puppo
Mr. Meceita - Walter Giulangeli
Mrs. Meceita - Elena Hall
bartender - Bruno Corazzari
member of Pedro’s gang - Natale Nazzareno (Nazzareno Natale)
Marita - Felicita Fanny (Felicita Fanni)
minister - Ignazio Leone
minister’s wife - Nerina Montagnani
Holly Spring’s station master - Carlo Pisacane
card player - Nino Vingelli
member of gold escort - Remo Capitani
Cavanaugh henchman - Giovanni Scarciofolo
Walcott henchmen - José Terron (José Penaranda), Mario Mandalari, Ennio Pagliani, Giovanni Petrucci
warden - Claudio Rufini
kindly sheriff - Richard Watson
with; Vivienne Bocca, Richard Watson

A group of bandits invade the Meceita ranch after following a stagecoach that is transporting $200,000 which has been secured at the ranch for the night during a thunderstorm. The bandits steal the money and massacre the family and guards. Hiding in a corner young Bill Meceita sees the massacre of this family and picks out and remembers certain features of each outlaw, a scar, an earing, a necklace, a spur etc. The house is set afire and another outlaw arrives in time to save Bill before riding away to join the others.

Fast-forward to 15 years later and we see Bill now a grown man practicing his six-gun and rifle with deadly accuracy on targets set up at the ranch. A stranger, Ryan, recently released from prison stops by the ranch to pay his respects. The day after Ryan leaves the sheriff shows up with a spur which matches one left from the massacre. Bill trails Ryan and after a cat and mouse game the two join forces to eliminate the gang for their own reasons. In the end Bill learns that Ryan was a member of the gang, the one who saved his life during the attack on the ranch. The two face each other in a final duel but Ryan refuses to fight sacrificing himself for the wrongs committed.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p17i0CoHBUU


  1. Biltmore: As far as im concerned Nazzareno Natale is a IMDB error.

  2. Biltmore: Riichard Watson plays the Kindly Sheriff.

  3. Biltmore, so is Nazzareno Natale in the film?