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I Död Mans Spår – Swedish title
Dead Man’s Trail – English title

A 1975 Swedish production [Pallas Film]
Producer: Mats Helge (Mats Helge-Olsson)
Director: Mats Helge (Mats Helge-Olsson)
Story: Mats Helge-Olsson
Screenplay: Henri Sidoli
Cinematography: Hans Dittmer [Eastmancolor]
Music: Gert Latte Nilsson (Gert-Emanuel Nilsson), Tony Ross, Glenn Sutton (Royce Sutton), Lloyd Green
Running time: 76 minutes

Ben Walker - Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt
Zeke - Sten Ardenstam
Kate - Solveig Andersson
Tom - Tor Isedal
Dick Logan - Urban Sahlin
Isabella - Isabella Kaliff
bartender - Sune Mangs
waiter - Carl-Axel Elfving
Dumb Dick - Clas-Inge Jangard
Carter - Folke Jensen
Owl - Lars Lundgren
Livvakt - Ramon Sylvan
with; Carl-Olof Alm, Peter Hessman, Roland von Rainals, Göran Parnell

Tom, an old prospector, is being followed by Dick Logan and his henchmen. Tom arrives in Carson City and leaves a treasure map to his mine for his daughter before the outlaws catch up and kill him. Before he dies Tom tells Isabella to find his old friend Ben Walker and ask him for help. Ben promises Isabella that he will protect her and help her find the hidden mine. He assembles a band of old cronies and they battle the Logan gang all along the trail to the gold. In the end only Ben and Isabella are left alive and they share the wealth.

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