Monday, February 22, 2010

Who Are Those Guys? - Román Arizanavarreta

Román Arizanaverreta was one of the unsung Spanish character actors who probably was more active behind the scenes then in front of them as an actor and stuntman. His first noted screen appearance seems to be “Charge of the 7th” in 1964. The IMDb lists 17 films he appeared in as an actor, the last being “El síndrome de Ulises” a 2007 TV mini-series. He was also a stuntman in the 1980s. He's listed under various spellings of his name but his most remembered appearance was as the half-shaven gunman in “For a Few Dollars More” who tells Manco to, “Let Red (Cavanaugh) go!”. Manco takes a double-take in the bar-room mirror at the man with half a beard and two other gunmen standing in the saloon's doorway behind him. He then spins around and shoots them down.

ARIZANAVARRETA, Román (aka Ramon Ariznabaretta, Román Ariz-Navaretta, Ramon Arizaverreta, Román Aris Navarreto, Román Ariz Navarreta) [Spanish] – stuntman.
Charge of the 7th – 1964
Gunmen of the Rio Grande – 1964
For a Few Dollars More – 1965 (half-shaven gunman)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 1966
Rustler’s Rhapsody – 1984
Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold – 1984 (machine gunner)

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