Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Amore, piombo e furore – Italian title
Los pistoleros – Spanish title
Clayton Drumm – Spanish title
Clayton Shaw - Med order att döda – Swedish title
Det kom en Revolvermann – Finnish title
Silahim ve ben – Turkish title
Clayton & Catherine – U.K. title
Love, Bullets and Frenzy – Canadian title
Gunfire – U.S.A. title
China 9, Liberty 37 – U.S.A. title

A 1978 Italian, Spanish co-production [Compagnia Europa (Rome), Apsa P.C. (Madrid)]
Producers: Gianni Bozzacchi, Valerio De Paolis, Monte Hellman (Monte Himmelbaum)
Director: Monte Hellman (Monte Himmelbaum)
Story: Ennio De Concini
Screenplay: Ennio De Concini, Vicente Escrivá Soriano, Jerry Harvey, Douglas Venturelli
Cinematography: Giuseppe Rotunno [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Pino Donaggio (Giuseppe Donaggio)
Song: “China 9 Love Ballad” sung by Ronee Blakeley
Running time: 92 minutes

Matthew Sebanek - Warren Oates
Clayton Drumm/Braun - Fabio Testi
Catherine Sebanek - Jenny Agutter (Jennifer Agutter)
Wilbur Olsen - Sam Peckinpah (David Peckinpah)
Barbara Sebanek - Isabel Mestres (Isabel Nunez)
Johnny Sebanek - Gianrico Tondinelli
Hank Sebanek - Franco Interlenghi
Duke - Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)
Virgil Sebanek - Paco Benlloch (Francisco Benlloch)
sheriff’s friend - Sydney Lassick
sheriff - Richard C. Adams (Richard Colin Adams)
Cassie - Natalia Kim
prostitute - Ivonne Sentis
Zeb - Romano Puppo
Williams - Luis Prendes (Luis Estrada)
Cottrell’s wife - Helga Liné (Lisa Stern)
Cottrell - Mattieu Ettori
Jack - David Thomson (David Thompson)
Joe - Daniel Panes
Tanner - Piero Fondi
Jefferson - Tony Brandt (Antonio Brandt)
hangman - Luciano Spadoni
Tom - Frank Clement (Francisco Clement)
Jimmy - Jose Murillo
prison guard - Rafael Albaicín (Ignacio-Rafael Escudero)
Henry - Luis Barboo
Sheriff’s henchman - William Redfield
with; Freda Lorente

A hired gun named Clayton Drumm is all set to hang when he is given a last minute chance to escape the gallows if he will agree to do a job for a railroad company. A homesteader named Matthew Sebanek has refused to sell his land to the company which has caused a major problem. Clayton readily accepts the proposition and heads for the Sebanek ranch. He meets Matthew and his beautiful young wife Catherine. Catherine immediately is drawn to Drumm and falls in love with him which complicates matters. Clayton also becomes friends with Matthew but lust takes over and he and Catherine eventually make love. When Matthew finds out he beats Catherine who during the fight thinks she has killed Matthew and runs off with Drumm. Sebanek recovers and asks his brothers to help him track down Clayton and Catherine. The railroad discovers that Clayton has double-crossed them and decides to eliminate everyone who stands in their way. Clayton returns with Catherine to help Matthew fight off the railroad's hired killers.


  1. Biltmore: I just love the name Piero Fondi!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Forget everything else. The best part of this film is Jenny Agutter.

  3. Jenny Agutter is most definitely the best part of this film; a striking beauty in 1978 who shared it with us. The haunting Ballad of China 9 made her even more special in the nude love scene. (This is a country-like ballad that country diva LeAnn Rimes would have a current hit with.)

  4. The best part, my oponion, is the ballad, it is very moving!

  5. JuLY 1,2012

    The best part is the love scenes along with the love ballad being sung

  6. fabio testi is so hot in this movie and the love scenes are the best for spaghetti westerns that i have seen.


  7. The love ballad is wonderful. Watched this movie three times just to hear it.

  8. Liked the movie but fell in love with the love ballad. Beautiful song and Ronee Blakeley is superb, wonderful singer.

  9. Would like to see the written words somewhere on the internet. Can't find them anywere.

  10. I would like the written words of the china 9 love ballad. I can find everything else but not this.


  12. The movie was good, but the Love Ballad was the BOMB. I found the lyric's and the song on the internet. I play it all the time. Jenny Agutter naked was ok to.