Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tschetan – German title
Tschetan, der Indianerjunge – German title
Tschetan l’indien – French title
Tschetan, Indian Boy – English title
Chetan, Indian Boy – English title

A 1972 German production [Produktion 1 im Filmverlag der Autoren (Berlin)]
Producer: Hark Bohm
Director: Hark Bohm
Screenplay: Hark Bohm
Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus [color]
Music: Peer Raben
Running time: 94 minutes

Tschetan/Chetan - Dschingis Bowakov
Jacob “Alaska” Precht - Marquard Bohm
Ben Johnson - Willy Schultes (Wilhelm Schultes)
Erik Johnson - Erich Dolz
Edy Johnson - Edy Endorfer
with; Bembe Bowakov, Horst Schram, Hildegard Friedel

In 1880 Montana a German shepard named Jacob “Alaska” Precht has a flock of sheep and is looking for a place to spend the winter with this flock. A local rancher named Johnson wants no part of the shepard or his flock wintering in the territory. Johnson holds captive a Lakota Indian boy named Chetan as a suspect in stealing a horse. Johnson wants to hang the boy but Alaska saves him and takes him in as a helper. Chetan, who now distrusts all white men refuses the offer and flees to his Indian village. Alaska tracts him there and finds the village destroyed and the inhabitants killed. Chetan tries to kill Alaska because he is a white man who he blames for the massacre of his tirbe. They eventually learn to trust each other and together they fight against Johnson and his sons. Johnson is too strong so the Alaska and Chetan take the sheep herd and move on.

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