Sunday, February 21, 2010

RIP Ken Clark

I learned today from Robert Woods that American actor Ken Clark died last June in Rome, Italy where he had been living. Born Kenneth Donovan Clark on June 4, 1927 in Neffs, Ohio. Clark was a model before signing a contract at 20th Century-Fox and made appearances in several 1950's films. Ken appeared in five films in 1956, three being westerns. By the end of the 1950s Fox did not renew his contract. Clark continued his career appearing in low-budget Sci-Fi films suchas “Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) and “12 to the Moon” (1960). He also appeared on several TV shows during this time and shot a pilot episode for “Brock Callahan” but it was not picked up. Clark decided to go to Europe and see if he could cash in on the 'Sword and Sandal' craze. Here he became a recognized star and appeared in a number of spy, giallo and western films. His Eurowesterns were: “The Road to Ft. Alamo” (1964), “Savage Gringo” (1966) and “A Man Called Sledge” (1969). Ken continued to act and appear on TV until the late 1990s. He decided to make Rome, Italy his home and died there of a heart attack sometime in June 2009.


  1. Hadn't heard that Clark had passed away. Sad to hear it.

  2. Hello Tom,

    Ken Clark is/was my great uncle. He was also the subject of a family mystery. When he left for Europe, he cut off all contact with his family. I wrote in my blog about it here --

    I've been trying to locate him for several months now. Can you get positive confirmation from your source that he did pass away?

  3. Hi Tim, I learned of Ken's passing straight from Robert Woods who was in Rome when your great uncle passed. Here is a link to his myspace so you can contact him directly for more information.

    1. Tom B. Also a family member, Grandaughter of Clark, K. I would like to know more if you could email me, since it appears that MySpace is no longer an option. This information would be forwarded to the five children, and one step child, he left behind. Thank you kindly.

  4. Thank you, I will do that. I very much appreciate your help.