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El Cisco – Italian title
5000 Dollars for El Cisco – Dutch title
El Cisco – French title
El Cisco – German title
Wenn der Sargmacher lachelt – German title
El Cisco – Greek title
El Cisco – Spanish title
Cisco – Spanish title
Hamnaren fran Dallas – Swedish title
Cisco – U.S.A. title

A 1966 Italian production [Epoca Film ’67, Selecta Film (Rome)]
Producer: Graziano Fabiani
Director: Serge Bergon (Sergio Bergonzelli)
Story: Sergio Bergonzelli, Paolo Lombardo
Screenplay: Sergio Bergonzelli, Paolo Lombardo
Cinematography: Aldo Greci [Eastmancolor, Newscope]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Running time: 97 minutes

Larry/El Cisco/Cisco - William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Capobanda/Torro/Tuscerora - George Wang (George Yie)
Maria Pilar - Antonella Murgia
Deputy Sheriff Boston - Lamberto Antinori
Burt - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Chiquita - Lucy Bomez (Lucia Bomez)
Lowett/Lowell - Consalvo Dell’Arti
Doctor Martin - Nino Vingelli
Edda Lowett/Lowell - Cristina Gaioni (Maria Gaioni)
Patrick - Artemio Antonini
Scrubby - Renato Chiantoni
bank cashier - Ferdinando Cappabianca
with; Ivan Scratuglia (Giovanni Scratuglia), Nino Nini, Pinuccio Ardia (Rodolfo Ardia), Aysanoa Runachagua, Attilio Severini

El Cisco has been blamed for robbing the bank in Dallas. A crime he has not committed. For five years he's been a wanted man and the law has searched and chased him throughout the West. Meanwhile Cisco has been in search of the real criminals. His search leads him to the town of Calabasas, New Mexico where he's hired by rancher Lowell. The town is in the control of a gang of Mexican bandits who are led by Capobanda/Torro/Tuscerora who is aided by the local deputy. The gang attacks the Lowell ranch and massacre the inhabitants and rape Edda Lowell. In order to get information Cisco pretends to join the outlaw gang who intend to rob the Calabasas bank. He beats them to the punch and now the outlaw gang is after him. In the end Cisco finds those who are guilty and they are made to pay the price using his explosive cigars and his “kisses on the foreheads” (a shot between the eyes).

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  1. Hello.
    I think "5000 Dollars for El Cisco" is Danish title.

  2. The Spaghetti Western database says it's The Netherlands which would be Dutch. Dizionario del Western All'Italiana says it's British title. It could be used by all three.

  3. Just watched on youtube - an enjoyable enough "lower B grade" spaghetti, with music that gets a perhaps slightly higher rating. However there appears to be a bit of a mystery here...despite what it says on film posters, various credit listings online and in print, etc, if that fella playing El Cisco is the William Berger we know from Sabata, Today it's Me Tomorrow You, and so many others, I'll eat my sweat-stained, bullet-torn, dust-streaked hat. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable may recognize the actor, or otherwise clear this up?

  4. Yes, that's the same William Berger that later appeared in Sabata.