Friday, February 12, 2010

Spaghetti Western Locations

In “Once Upon a Time in the West” when Sam and Jill leave Flagstone on their way to Sweetwater the film switches location from Almeria, Spain to Monument Valley which occupies parts of Arizona and Utah in the United States. Monument Valley is on the Navajo Reservation and the dirt roads used in the movie are the same dirt roads you can drive down in your car or take a tour bus. The photo above and below show the 'Mittens' as they look like the gloves small children wear with a predominant thumb and to the right Merrick Butte. These are the three of the most prominent landmarks that are photographed by anyone visiting the park. Sam's travel to Sweetwater shows several more landmarks of Monument Valley. It's not easy to reach as it is not near any large city but far out in the wilderness but if at all possible it is still worth your while to see it once in your lifetime.

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