Saturday, February 6, 2010

RIP Manuel Esteba

Director Manuel Esteba died in Barcelona, Spain on Febraury 4. He was 68 years-old. He was born Manuel Esteba Gallego on April 17, 1941 in Barcelona. He was a director, assistant director, screenwriter and over his 33 year career. Among these were two Eurowesterns: “Saranda” (aka “Twenty Paces to Death” 1970) starring Dean Reed and “A Cry of Death” (1971) starring Pierre Brice and Steven Tedd. Later in his career he directed several comedies for the Calatrava Brothers.


  1. I liked his weird thriller "Espectro" a lot.

    Original Spanish language version of "Cry of Death" aka "You Are A Carrion And I Will Kill You" aka "Una cuerda al amanecer" seems to be very hard to find. The film is supposed to be a horror western but the Italian/English language re-edit tries to make it more like run-of-the-mill spaghetti. I'd like to see the film in director's intended version.


  2. Thanks, I'm happy that some attention is being paid to the man. He didn't, in fact, direct any erotic comedies. He made several non-erotic comedies (vehicles for the Calatrava Brothers), as well as several erotic films with a thriller or horror background.

  3. Thanks Nzoog I'll make the change. Thanks for bringing his passing forward as I've found little on the web that mentions his passing. RIP