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De heuvels van de angst – Belgium title
Les collines de la terreur – French title
Chaton Maa – Finnish title
Chato’s Land – German title
Chato – Italian title
Ziemia Chato – Polish title
Chato el apache – Spanish title
Renegado Vengador – Spanish title
Chato’s Land – USA title

A 1971 British production [Scimitar Films (London)]
Producer: Michael Winner
Director: Michael Winner
Screenplay: Gerald Wilson
Cinematography: Robert Paynter [Technicolor]
Music: Jerry Fielding (Joshua Feldman)
Running time: 100 minutes

Pardon Chato - Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky)
Captain Quincy Whitmore - Jack Palance (Volodymyr Palahnyuk, Jr.)
Nye Buell - Richard Basehart (John Basehart)
Joshua Everette - James Whitmore
Jubal Hooker - Simon Oakland
Elias Hooker - Ralph Waite
Earl Hooker - Richard Jordan (Robert Jordan)
Martin Hall - Victor French
Chato’s woman - Sonia Rangan
Harvey Lansing - William Watson
Gavin Malechie - Roddy McMillan
Brady Logan - Paul Young
Mexican scout - Raúl Castro
George Dunn - Lee Patterson
Ezra Meade - Peter Dyneley
George the bartender - Hugh McDermott
Shelby Hooker - Verna Harvey
Moira Logan - Sally Adez
Jacob Meade - Clive Endersby
Edna Malechie - Rebecca Wilson
Will Coop - Rudy Ugland (Rudy Ugland, Jr.)
with; Roland Brand, Florencio Amarilla, Luis Amarilla, Celestino González

Pardon Chato, a halfbreed is confronted by a lawman in a local saloon. When Chato shoots and kills the lawman in self-defense he runs in order to keep from being lynched. A posse is formed and headed by an ex-Confederate Captain named Quincy Whitmore. The posse pursues Chato into the desert badlands and find his wife which is raped by the vengeful posse. Chato at that point stops running and turns-the-table on the posse. He outwits them at every turn, let's them argue and turn against themselbes and begins to pick them off one by one letting the enviornment take it's toll.

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  1. A almost mute appearance by Charles Bronson. Forgettable.

  2. This and Sabata and Cannon For Cordoba are constantly being re-run on a local channel that popped up after the digital switchover..

  3. Chato's Land is not one of my favorites. Despite a good cast, it's pretty much a boring exercise in brutality. Equally boring is the landscape. Winner's Lawman is far superior.