Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who Are Those Guys - Eddi Arent

Born Gebhar Georg Arent in Danzig, Poland on May 5, 1925. His father was the head of the Danzig waterworks at the time of his birth. Arent served on the Easter front during World War II and after the war became a comedian. He appeared in cabaret shows and then moved to Stuttgart and later Munich, Germany. There he appeared in theater productions. Arent was not drawn to the theater and started taking film roles. He was a character actor in the German Edgar Wallace films as a butler, police photographer and detective. This led to his appearance as Lord Castlepool in three Winnetou films “The Treasure of Silver Lake” (1962), “Last of the Renegades” (1964) and “Man with the Long Gun” (1968). He then had a long run on TV in the series “Harlad and Eddi”. In 1997 he was presented with the Sharlee Prize for his distinctive participation in the Karl May films. From 1998 to 2002 he appeared on RTL TV as the head of Scotland Yard in five Edgar Wallace films. Along with his wife Franziska they opened a hotel Neustadter Hof but the hotel went bankrupt in 2004. Living off a pension and TV royalties the Arents now live in a retirement home in Munich.

ARENT, Eddi (aka Eddie Arent) (Gebhard Georg Arent) [5/5/1925, Danzig, Poland - ] – TV actor.
The Treasure of Silver Lake – 1962 (Lord Castlepool)
Last of the Renegades – 1964 (Lord Castlepool)
Man with the Long Gun – 1968 (Lord Castlepool)

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