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Who Are Those Guys? ~ Arnaldo Dell’Acqua


Arnaldo was the oldest of the Dell’Acqua brothers. Like the others he came from a circus background and was a trained acrobat. He started his career in 1962 performing stunts in “Odio mortale” (The Black Invaders) directed by Franco Montemurro and starring Amedeo Nazzari, Danielle DeMetz and Renato Baldini. This was the tail end of the Sword and Sandal craze so many of these strongmen films were now adventure films which quickly developed into the Spagheti western phenomenon. Alberto’s first credited acting roll was in 1964’s “Maciste nelle miniere del re Salomone” (Maciste in King Solomon's Mines) directed by Piero Regnoli and starring Reg Park, Wandisa Guida and Bruno Piergentilli.

Arnaldo’s first western was as a henchman in 1966’s “La morte non conta i dollari” (Death at Owell Rock) directed by Riccardo Freda and starring Mark Damon and Stephen Forsyth. This was followed by 39 more films as either an actor or stuntman.

Alberto was sometimes credited as Aldo Dell’Acqua.

As time passed Arnaldo became a stunt coordinator and a master of arms until his retirement five years ago at the age of 80.

Dell ACQUA, Arnaldo (aka Aldo Dell’Acqua, Aldo dell'Acqua) [7/14/1938, Campobasso, Molise, Italy -     ] – circus acrobat, stunt coordinator, stuntman, film, TV actor, son of circus owners  Fausto Dell'Acqua, Giovanna Huesca, brother of stuntman, film, TV actor Alberto Dell’Acqua [1937-    ], stuntwoman, actress Fern Water (Fernanda Dell'Acqua) [1941-    ], stuntman, film, TV actor Alberto Dell’Acqua [1937-    ], stuntman, actor Roberto Dell'Acqua [1946-2019], stuntman, actor  Ottaviano Dell'Acqua [1955-    ].

Death at Owell Rock – 1966 (Lester henchman)

Days of Vengeance – 1967 (soldier)

Poker With Pistols – 1967 (guard at Masters’ ranch)

7 Pistols for a Massacre – 1967 (drummer) [as Aldo Dell’Acqua]

Turn… I’ll Kill You – 1967 (Davis brother)

Two R-R-Ringos from Texas – 1967 (Sentenza Jane henchman)

Wanted – 1967 (saloon patron)

The Man Who Cried for Revenge – 1968 (Jack’s henchman [as Aldo Dell’ Acqua]

No Graves on Boot Hill – 1968 (Fletcher henchman)

Boot Hill – 1969 (Fisher henchmen) [as Aldo Dell’ Acqua]

Death on High Mountain – 1969 (brawler)

Sartana the Gravedigger – 1969 (Baxter Red henchman)

The Stranger’s Gundown – 1969 (dynamite game player)

The Unholy Four – 1969 (saloon brawler)

Shango – 1970 (rebel soldier)

They Call Me Trinity – 1970 (Mormon)

The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971 (brawler)

Bullet for a Stranger – 1971 (brawler)

Django… Adios! – 1971 (Holy Ghost/Spirito Santo henchman)

Guns for Dollars – 1971 – (laundry worker)

Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (saloon patron) [as Aldo Dell’Acqua] [stunts]

Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1972 (McGregor brother) [as Aldo Dell’ Acqua]

Man of the East – 1972 (saloon brawler) [as Aldo Dell’ Acqua]

They Call Me Providence – 1972 (James’ henchman)

Trinity & Sartana Those Sons of Bitches – 1972 (Joe) [as Aldo Dell’Acqua]

Another Try, Eh Providence? – 1973 (saloon patron) [as Aldo Dell’ Acqua]

Chino – 1973 (cowboy)

Karate, Fists and Beans – 1973 (duck hunter)

The Man Called Invincible – 1973 (monk)

The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby – 1974 (bandit)

Red Coat – 1974 (trapper)

The White, the Yellow, the Black – 1974 (soldier) [as Aldo Dell'Acqua]

Keoma – 1975 (Caldwell henchman)

Zorro – 1975 (Huerta guard)

California – 1977 (soldier shot by Whitaker)

A Man Called Blade – 1977 (Valler henchman)

Silver Saddle – 1977 (saloon employee)

Buddy Goes West – 1981 (Colorado Slim henchmen) [stunts] [as Aldo Dell’Acqua]

Django Strikes Again – 1987 [stunt coordinator]

Buck at the Edge of Heaven – 1991 (Cotton)

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